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Didier and Jeroen Beeuwsaert founded Beeuwsaert Construct in 2004, a family business focusing on industrial and agricultural buildings. This includes the construction of stables, sheds, office buildings, warehouses, etc. In addition to the founders' many years of expertise, the company is characterised by entrepreneurship, flexibility and an innovative attitude with the aim to provide the best possible service.

Study case as angle

Through a specific case and common friend, we were put in touch. A phone call was enough to get acquainted and determine the purpose of the meeting. CloudPiling was commissioned to recalculate the foundation of the project (factory) using our calculation tool. The results, focusing on material reduction and CO2 savings, were presented to the CEO and the head of engineering. 


By loading the piles eccentrically, the number of pieces could be halved. A larger pile diameter and heavier reinforcement baskets were chosen to accommodate the tonnage of the superstructure. This created a material reduction of 10%. 

The total amount of material was optimised by 40% by changing the concept and eliminating the pile legs.

Computing power & engineering judgement

This study case shows that giving more computing power to the engineer leads to the reinvention of concepts which ultimately strengthens and/or increases the engineering judgement.

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