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Based in Uden in the Netherlands, BodemBouw specialises in building CSM walls. The company’s USP is that a contractor can outsource the construction pit work as a unit (= retaining walls, excavation, dewatering, anchoring, strutting, soil sealing and/or injection). BodemBouw handles all the detail engineering and preparations itself. The starting point for every project is the search for the optimal planning and implementation method.

A specific need

What is so unique about the CSM technique? Stiffness and cross-sectional strength are both influenced by the amount of reinforcement (steel profiles or reinforcement cages) in the soil mix panels. Consequently, there are a number of additional calculations involved in finding the most economic solution.

As a specialist in the CSM technique, CEO Oskar de Kok found himself struggling daily with the disadvantages of the standard software, which isn’t able to handle these time-consuming additional calculations. BodemBouw had made various efforts over the years to outline their needs to a selection of software developments, but never with positive results.

CloudPiling as an ideal solution

When we showed CloudPiling to Oskar de Kok, he could see immediately that the software would be the perfect solution for optimising the geotechnical design for CSM walls. However, this didn’t mean that his company immediately transitioned to CloudPiling.

With the other members of the CUR commission, Oskar de Kok is responsible for the publication of the Manuel soilmix walls "Design and execution". In other words, it was vital that BodemBouw could be absolutely sure that the calculations in the CloudPiling software were correct, before the company made the switch. So we launched a partnership. Our first step was to commit to the following objectives:

  1. To compile a report on the bending stiffness and cross-sectional strength calculations for CSM panels.
  2. To compile a validation report regarding the spring model for retaining walls.
  3. To implement the safety philosophy for retaining walls in accordance with the CUR166/NEN 9997-1 roadmap.

The reports had a two-pronged objective. Firstly, they would provide additional background information about the calculation methods used by the CloudPiling software. Secondly, we would use benchmark calculations to demonstrate the correctness of the software. With support and input from BodemBouw, we successfully implemented the safety philosophy for retaining walls in accordance with the Dutch guidelines.

Once this project had been completed, it was clear that there was nothing further to prevent BodemBouw from becoming the first construction pit experts in the Netherlands to start working with CloudPiling.

A glimpse of the future

The soil mixing technique involves mechanically mixing the local soil with cement. This means that the characteristics of the soil on site have a significant influence on the final compressive strength of the mixed material. Working with database-driven planning software, it’s possible to generate clear, precise data about the compressive strengths that can be achieved at specific locations – all within deadline! Building this database is part of a long-term project that will enable BodemBouw to develop accurate, targeted solutions for their construction pit projects.

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