Conference on Foundation Decarbonization and Re-use

Hosted by DFI Europe and the Geotechnical Section of the KIVI

The Construction Industry is contributing significantly to the CO2 emissions, and so is the Deep Foundation Industry. With sustainability becoming more relevant every day, we, as a profession, have a role to play to reduce our emissions. Decarbonization is the first option: more efficient design reducing volumes of concrete or steel, and the use of different materials with lower carbon footprint. However, this should not be viewed as the only option available: the reuse of existing foundations must be considered as well, and even preferred as the most sustainable option. 

Advantages of combining the bearing capacity, the soil-structure interaction and the structural design

In March 2023, DFI Europe and the Geotechnical Section of the KIVI organized a very successful 3-day conference to discuss these burning topics in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This was the occasion to share recent experiences and good practices to raise the level of the industry in this challenging matter. The second conference on this topic is now scheduled for May 2024, once again in Amsterdam in the beautiful KIT. 

CloudPiling had have the honour to give a presentation about the various advantages of combining the soil bearing capacity data, the soil-structure interaction and the structural design in one single cloud-based platform. We also have illustrated that collecting and managing geotechnical information through such a platform will alow to reduce the carbon footprint. CloudPiling offers a geotechnical platform to consulting firms and contractors. It incorporates both Belgian and Dutch regulations and guidelines. The objective is to accomplish more work, with greater precision, through the automation of repetitive tasks. Furthermore, we empower engineers to efficiently analyze multiple alternatives, enabling them to consistently deliver the most cost-effective and sustainable design for each project.

Please find the presentation and cases here.

Special focus on contractual and insurance aspects

In the second edition of the International Conference all these aspects will be covered in four sessions that will focus on the overall concept of foundation decarbonization and reuse, the assessment of existing foundations, the design aspects associated with this topic, and finally the impact this approach will have on the construction phase. A special focus will be given to contractual and insurance aspects. 

We hope that you share our energy to progress on this important matter and will join us in Amsterdam to share your experiences, listen to colleagues’ presentations and to participate during the panel discussions. 

A view behind the scenes

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