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Van Rooy-FBT, which joined the Aertssen Group in 2021, is characterised by being able to offer a complete range of foundation and shoring techniques. The company uses this wide range as well as its strong know-how in specialised machinery and soil mechanics to offer the best technical solution for often more complex foundation projects.

Retaining walls Foundation piles
Berlin wall Cased CFA pile
Sheet pile wall Screw injection pile
Jet-grout wall Mirco pile
Soilmix pile wall Jet-grout pile
Cuttersoilmix wall Soilmix pile
Secant pile wall Full displacement screw pile
Soil anchors Foundation pit
Timbered trenches  


Why working together?

  • The potential of the software to quickly calculate alternatives so that the most economical technique is always performed. This is necessary when performing a wide range of specialised foundation techniques. The fact that CloudPiling offers a solution for this was crucial for this collaboration.
  • The ability to work with an external geotechnical consultant and still have 100% insight into the file at every stage of the project.
  • The construction of a project history (database) in which all implementation experiences are housed. This knowledge retention is important in the long term.
  • The potential to make the step to an internal study department possible in the long run.

Hamont-Achel, Slipstraat, Algemene Infrastructuur Ambaro

The execution planning of an anchored underwater concrete floor and water- and soil retaining anchored CSM wall, which facilitated the construction of an overflow on behalf of Aquafin. An overflow serves to drain (peaks of) excess sewage water from the sewer system during heavy or prolonged rainfall. Because of the specific dimensions of the overflow, a construction pit had to be built in three different excavation levels. In the deepest of the three zones, the excavation was 9.50m and the water barrier/upward water pressure 8.25m. Tractebel Engineering from Hasselt acted as controlling engineering firm in this project.

Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Scheldestraat, Bouwonderneming Van Poppel

The execution planning of a temporary soil retaining anchored CSM wall that was to enable the realisation of a parking garage consisting of two underground floors. An important consideration for this construction pit was to take into account different ways in which the adjacent buildings are founded. The CSM wall was also designed to serve as the foundation for the seven above-ground floors in which 43 flats will be realised. DS Engineering from Antwerp acted as controlling engineering firm on this project.

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