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The well-known construction company Willy Naessens Group focuses on the principle of vertical integration, or in other words: all processes are carried out in-house as much as possible. They have their own engineering department, groundwork company, concrete plants, assembly teams, etc. The company also focuses on diversification in order to realise advantageous synergies and spread risks. The decision to purchase piling machines to carry out their own foundations is fully in line with this strategy. 

Getting rid of time-consuming Excels

Everything started with an introductory e-mail after which the R&D Manager, Wim Moerman, immediately contacted CloudPiling for an first meeting. He found our product interesting and wanted to know more about it; after all, automation in calculations of deep foundations is not something you come across every day. Willy Naessens especially wanted to move away from the time-consuming Excels and investigate whether material optimisations were possible. After the meeting, both the R&D Manager and stability engineer were pleasantly surprised. "An innovative pragmatic approach with a translation to the execution," they said. 

With one study case, CloudPiling appeared to have already paid back

The numerical win of a new tool is difficult to estimate in advance. Especially considering that Willy Naessens is a specialist in industrial projects where the focus is more on large quantities of piles with relatively smaller tonnages than the more complex and specialised foundation works. The question therefore quickly came up as to whether the tool would be interesting enough for them to purchase. To provide an accurate answer to this question, we calculated an executed project using the CloudPiling software. The speed and optimisation in concrete and reinforcement were incredible.

Results of the study case: 

  • Without changing pile diameter or pile length, the software was able to reduce the reinforcement at the horizontally loaded piles by 18.9%; 
  • The total amount of material was optimised by 16.0% without changing the pile diameter; 
  • Specifically for the horizontally loaded piles, CloudPiling was able to demonstrate a material optimisation of 28.7%. 

Amazing time savings through digital loading of CPTs

We zooming on one feature that is extremely interesting for Willy Naessens, namely digital reading of CPTs via GEF files. Before working with CloudPiling, a lot of time was lost in processing and interpreting CPTs. Moreover, CloudPiling has built in a link to automatically request GEF files from CPT companies. The copy past of CPT values and in worst case, retyping qc values, are definitely a thing of the past. Willy Naessens very quickly saw the potential of this innovative approach. 

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