Parametric design tools save material and time

Publication11/2021 - Geotechnical journal

Under the heading "We make the drilling industry go digital," CloudPiling was born in May 2020. CloudPiling has a clear goal in mind: to support deep foundation engineers and geotechnical engineering companies by digitizing and automating the geotechnical industry.

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30% less concrete without sacrificing comfort

Publication 12/2022 - Geotechnical journal 

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CloudPiling sheds new light on the design of deep foundations

Publication 03/2022 - Voka 

Saving time, materials and therefore costs when designing deep foundations, that is the mission of Thomas Zwaenepoel and Michelle Vanhove with CloudPiling. "Our SaaS solution is perfectly scalable. We are already looking forward to further expansion abroad.”

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How the all-in-one tool of this software company unlocks the full potential of civil engineers

Publication 01/2022 - Bloovi (online platform  for entrepreneurs)

Bringing digitization into the traditional construction industry is a must. And let that be exactly what software company CloudPiling is doing with a tool that automates repetitive processes. This gives engineers more time and space for concept and design work and project follow-up. Nothing but benefits.

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