Calculation software offers geotechnical engineers gains in many areas

CloudPiling is founded with a clear mission: providing deep foundation engineers and geotechnical consultancies improved performance by automating repetitive operations to a large extent. This allows users to make data-driven decisions. With a thoughtful and comprehensive cloud platform, the Belgium-based company puts an end to time-consuming calculations in multiple tools and Excel spreadsheets. 

With the software package of the same name, CloudPiling provides a calculation platform that offers the geotechnical world everything it needs. Especially when it comes to fast and accurate calculation and visualisation of pile foundations, retaining walls and soil anchors. "Several case studies show that using the parametric calculation model, engineers find solutions with an average of 30% less concrete and steel. This means an incredible gain in terms of CO2 emissions," says Vanhove. Zwaenepoel adds: "It was a conscious decision not to build api's into the computational heart of CloudPiling, because we want to be able to offer the highest computational comfort to our customers in both the short and long term."

Best practices collected in one database

One of the enthusiastic users of CloudPiling is BodemBouw, provider of total solutions in building pits and specialised in making CSM walls. The Uden-based company deliberately chose one technique with the starting point of achieving the most optimal design and execution for each project. Managing director Oskar de Kok: "Because a lot of time was lost interacting between different programmes, processing data and compiling reports, we had been looking for years for a software partner that could help us optimise CSM calculations. With CloudPiling, we found it." The company managed to convince De Kok in several respects. "Specifically for CSM, the iteration process is even more intensive because of the interaction between stiffness and strength. Within CloudPiling, this interaction is perfectly built in. In addition, the application makes it possible to work with both profiles and reinforcement baskets and automatically generate reports with a translation to bills of materials. Finally, building from a project history is very interesting for the CSM technique, because the final compressive strength of the CSM material depends partly on the local soil."

Great savings in time and money

Geo- and foundation specialist Hektec from Zuidoostbeemster is also exploiting the many advantages of the calculation platform (see also "For the entire process, from pile design to delivery of the pile file, we investigated within the Hek Group which processes needed to be aligned and which software was available on the market for this purpose," says Teamleader Engineering Arie-Jan Tol. "For the design process, we then ended up with CloudPiling, for us a completely justified choice. Simply because we not only advise, but also think along with the execution. That makes CloudPiling so useful and powerful for us. Moreover, there is a project and CRM link, allowing CloudPiling to be built into Hekgroep's existing structure. CloudPiling also generates the material quantities for execution. This allows us to skip an entire step in the process in the near future. That will result in nice savings. In time as well as money. Finally, the cooperation is also very nice. They think along and respond quickly."

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